Different industries often require different types of accounting software.  Accounting software that keeps track of parts and sales for a auto parts store does not suffice for a diagnosing and billing patents in a medical office. Accounting software that tracks package movement sales for shippers and distributors probably does not allow customers to purchase products online. For this reason accounting software is an ever growing industry and needs to accommodate a vast amount of people.

Most large software manufactures will not modify their software to your specification in an economical manner. If they will modify their software for you it will often take many months for them to complete and will be completed at a extremely large cost.

We pride our selves in finishing customers customized accounting needs in a timely manner and at an affordable cost.

Our online software for letting people purchase products online allows system managers to input or edit their inventory in tables and change their pictures and then the web pages are off and running with the new or edited data sets.

Our client server accounting software is written to be usable my most companies and concentrates in construction, distribution, and manufacturing.

If our client server users wish for the software to be changed then they tell us which fields to change or add or how to change the calculations taking place and we will normally make these changes with in 1 week.

If you come up with an idea for a program that has not been written yet, because of the amount of programs that we do have written, we should be able to come up with a solution in a cost efficient manner. 
Most of our software contains image documenting capabilities that enables you to attach images files, checks, legal documents, bids, estimates or work orders to database records.