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Standard client server accounting packages normally have fairly comprehensive Accounts Payable modules that integrate with General Ledger and Job Costing.

Accounts Payable modules often mimic check books and often even look like a check book on the screen.


The purpose of integrating Accounts Payable with General Ledger and it so that one can see the general health of the company by way of looking at debits and credits.


Integrating Accounts Payable with Job Costing enables one to see what is paid vs. what is spent on different contracts.


Some of the Accounts Payable reports that are support are Accounts Payable Checks, Aged Payables Report, Check Register Report, Deposit Withdrawal Report, Disputed Transaction Report, Open Unpaid Invoice Report, Paid Invoice Report, Vendor Mailing Labels, 1099s, Tracking Number Report, Non Compete Contract  Not Received Package Report and Vendor List.